What to Avoid

We hear many stories about pressure selling and SEO time limited offers. They all STINK! There is no need to “sign up today”, or “cancellation places to be filled”. At the end of the day, SEO is about identifying opportunities for your business to act on, and the promotion of your website on the internet. The goal may not be to increase visitors, but instead may be to increase PRE-QUALIFIED visitors, people that actually WANT what your business is offering.

Avoid the scammers

If someone says they will get you to the top of the search engines “guaranteed”, then they are scamming you. How can someone make claims like this before they have identified the most beneficial search terms that will be targeted?

Guaranteed first page position on all search engines for your site*

(* for keywords that no-one actually uses)

Anyone with enough money can use the sponsored paid advertising links to appear at the top of the search engines, but again, without researching your keywords you will be wasting your money.

Hiding behind email

We get dozens of emails each week from people claiming to get us to the top of the search engines. Most of these are sent on mass to thousands of email addresses each hour, while some of them are carefully targeted. The thing to watch out for is the “reply to” email address. If it comes from an anonymous account, such as @gmail, @googlemail, @hotmail, etc, then it’s best to ignore them.

and a big hello to all our friends in India . We’ve never met them but we get emails every day from someone@gmail.com in India

These email addresses are used to hide the fact that the email has been sent from abroad, from off-shore companies using spam tactics and false claims.

Ask for a meeting, at their office

Every respectable business has some sort of office or base that can be used for meetings or correspondence. Most scammers will not want to give you an address, let alone meet up to discuss opportunities.

While it is not essential to have a meeting in order to promote your website, we think the offer should be there, for peace of mind.