Website questions

Questions to ask before starting your new website project

The 3 minute version

1. Describe in one sentence what you want your website to say to visitors

2. What are the main things your customer will come looking for (name 5)

3. What are the main things you want to get from your website (name 5)

The 10 minute version

1. Why Do You Want a Website? (What is The Purpose of Your Website?)


2. Who Do You Want to Visit Your Website?

Think about the profiles of ideal customers. This question will help define the actual site design, as it will lead to design decisions best suited to the target market.

For example, navigating a website can be different for older users. A website with a target demographic of men and women over age 55 is sometimes best set up with a larger font, fewer categories and larger radial buttons than a site set up for teenagers, who respond well to lots of cool graphics and descriptive words in menus.

Your target market demographic also guides social media optimisation of the website. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and Pinterest are just some of the social media buttons you may wish to incorporate into your site.


3. What Action Do You Want Your Readers To Take?

If you are unsure of the answer – you could start by asking “how do you want to solve customer problems or answer questions on your website?”


4. Where is Your Web Content Coming From?

Do you want us to provide web content assistance as part of our web design service?

Useful content that uses Search-Engine-Optimisation techniques to increase a website’s ranking in the search engine results is crucial for successful business website.


5. What Images/Graphics do you Need and Want on Your Website?

Do you have a logo, pictures of staff, showcases or galleries, a tag line, motto or slogan to include on your website?
Who is to provide the images?
What don’t you want on your site?

These questions also relate to colour preference and a discussion on branding. Building a brand is an important aspect of inbound marketing, as is maintaining a consistent look and feel across online and offline media.


6. What is your Time Frame for This Web Design Project?

It is easy to underestimate the time involved for setting up a professional website, all of these questions will help us define the amount of work required.


7. Who Is Involved in Making Business Website Design Decisions?

Also, think about whether you plan to update the website on your own, or whether you will need us do this, and if so, how frequently.


8. Do You Want Your Website to be Optimized for Mobility, eg responsive to different sized screen sizes?

Websites are increasingly accessed by customers through their mobile phones. A mobility optimized websites can increase web traffic, potential customers and future business. We can discuss this later and show you examples of websites that are optimised for smart phones and tablets and websites that aren’t.


9. Who are Your Biggest Competitors and What Do You Love or Hate about Their Sites?

Knowing what your competition is doing well and what they are missing, helps us to understand your likes and dislikes and also gives us the opportunity to provide missing features on your new website.


10. Do you have any thoughts or limitations on budget?

There is no need to specify a budget at this stage, but if you have any budget constraints or parameters please let us know.

We will provide a proposal with a range of options to suit a range of budgets.

These questions are just a starting point to help us figure out exactly what you want. You do not have to answer these exact questions but the more information you can give us, the better we can help you by providing a focused proposal tailored to your needs.