Our 6 Steps

6 Steps to an Optimised Website

Step 1 – Keyword Research
Knowing your audience, identifying opportunities

For up to 50 base keywords. We’ll research what terms are being searched for by potential clients.

Step 2 – Website Structure
Planning your site

Including CTA (Calls To Action) creation and page flow. Ensuring the visitors can easily navigate through the website.

Step 3 – Graphic Design
Creating an attractive and compelling site

Creating clean simplified design that is professional and user friendly.

Step 4 – Site build and coding
Turning site designs into a working website

Translate graphic files into fully working website (including data input)

A wide range of features can be developed at this stage, including CMSS*, E-commerce, multimedia, and more.

* CMS (Content Management System) will allow the site to be managed by your staff.
Time/cost saving achieved as you will be able to edit and make final adjustments to content.

Step 5 – SEO Tuning
Making sure it can be found

Website copy will be created for review, we will enhance copy where needed to maximise the search engine positions.

Step 6 – Internet Marketing
On-going promotion and support

We will present opportunities and advise appropriate strategies to maximise your exposure (eg pay per click ads, email marketing, link building, social networking, strategic alliances, etc)