Hosting Options

At 2able, we’ve been championing separate email and website hosting for many years.

Having website and emailing hosting on separate environments (servers) has many advantages, including:

  • Downtime – unfortunately it happens, even to Google. By having email and website hosting on separate environments, it lessens the impact. And through investing in high quality solutions, you are more likely to win the lottery jackpot twice than have both unavailable at the same time.
  • Quality of service – dedicated email hosting and dedicated website hosting is far better than a one-size fits all approach. Some of the reasons include:
    • Spam Filtering – dedicated email services are on top of this more effectively.
    • Speed – dedicated website or email hosting can provide that service faster, as they are not susceptible to the issues of other services.
    • Features – dedicate solutions typically come with more features and flexibility. E.g. massive storage capacity for each user is available with dedicated email solutions.
  • Migration (moving solutions) – if your email and website are hosted together, migrating one will typically involve migrating the other at the same time, otherwise you’ll be paying for the same (below par) service twice.  When they are hosted separately on dedicated solutions, you are free to switch either without worrying about the other (assuming the DNS is handled carefully!).


So with all of the above in mind, our hosting recommendations and solutions are as follows:


Website Hosting

  1. Dedicated Servers – if we’ve developed your website and/or are happy to host your website, we can provide you with a premium solution on our dedicated servers. They’re hosted and managed by UK Fast, one of the leading hosting providers in the UK, and winners of many hosting and business awards. The benefits of our dedicated server solutions can be found at
    Other core benefits include:
  • Ultra-Reliable
  • Ultra-Fast
  • Ultra-Secure
  • SMS Text Alerts and email notifications should issues arise.
  1. Cloud-based hosting – if you’re looking to keep costs down and are comfortable with a less reliable, slower and less secure hosting environment, then our cloud-based hosting is suitable for this.
  1. Shared Hosting – not recommended, period!


Email Hosting

There are many providers of dedicated email hosting. The main providers we recommend are:

  • Rackspace (including Office 365)
  • Google Apps for Work

Either of these services can be set-up and supported by you. Alternatively, if you’d like an experienced hand to help you through the process and provide ongoing ad-hoc support as and when you need it, we can provide this.

  • Set-up – from £60
  • Ongoing support – £15 per 15 minutes (minimum charge – £30).