Email Hosting

Our clients prefer the huge benefits that come as part of our “Business email hosting” service.

  • Impressive capacity –  25GB mailboxes and attachments up to 50MB per message. 10 years of emails at your fingertips!
  • The latest security – SSL encrypted email, three-layer spam and dual-scanning virus protection
  • Works with POP, IMAP, and “Full mobile synch”  email setups (you can choose which setup works for you)
    • POP – Old traditional email, all messages are downloaded. Preferred for users that are not always online and need to have all emails available in offline mode
    • IMAP – Synchronised folders. If you use folders to store emails, you will see the same folders and data across all devices. PCs, laptops, phones, and tablets. Great for those that check mail across numerous devices
    • Full Mobile Synch – Webmail users enjoy real-time sync of email, calendars and contacts on their iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows device. Built on Microsoft’s ActiveSync protocol, our mobile sync service uses push technology to sync data instantly.
      Sync’d data includes: Mail and Folders,  Contact & Calendar (between webmail and mobile devices)
  • 100% application uptime
  • Secure Encryption –  All transmissions between your device, destination devices, and the servers are transmitted over secure HTTPS connections with the latest SSL encryption techniques
  • Daily Backups – Email data is saved. Restore from the past 14 days (by request)
  • Complete control for you to manage features, including:-
    • Auto-reply and message forwarding
    • Spam filtering
    • Check external accounts
  • Add auto-disclaimers to all emails sent from your domain (by request)
  • £5 per month per mailbox (£60 per year)

On desktop, mobile and the web

Works with Outlook, Thunderbird, Entourage, or any POP/IMAP client. Or you can manage email from any web connection, with Webmail. You can also check email on iPhone, iPad, Android or other mobile devices.

Spam and virus protection

To keep your systems safe from email-borne threats, messages from external mailboxes undergo three spam and virus scans.


Should your needs outgrow this, we have further options available through to scalable “Hosted Exchange” email accounts providing cloud backups and remote access to ALL your email files and folders, calendars and contacts.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements further.